Women Empowerment

Skitten Snø

Skitten snø (Tainted) the Tv series is based on a book by Mahmona Khan and was telecasted on NRK channel. Skitten snø is a story of strong friendship, burning hatred, revenge and horror. The action takes place in the Norwegian-Pakistani environment in Oslo, and shows how four girls from different backgrounds can find strength when they stand together. It also gives insight to what the everyday life of a Norwegian-Pakistani girl can be like. With overprotective brothers and fathers, inquisitive aunts and loving mothers and girlfriends. It’s really exciting and true to context.

The story unfolds by putting the girls in various situations by embarking on a web of lies, money, violence and most of all – trying to find the balance between their own self-respect and family honor.

In this developing world where we all talk about women rights, many women are still very unprotected and insecure. These stories are a true depiction and listening and watching the struggles of these girls makes you feel devasted. In real life, many women remain quite and commit suicide for the sake of family honor. Girls have long been discriminated by society and made to believe that they are inferior or less important than boys. Thus story will remove your blindfold and build confidence to take a stride and to support one another.

(The main character of Skitten snø ”Sumera” (Kamalpreet Kaur) does justice to a very difficult role. So does her friends,”Charlotte” Pernille Persen,  ”Anila” Tamanna Agnihotri, ”Ambar” Hibba Najeeb and last but absolutely not the least the villain of this story ”Nicolas”, Tarjei Sandvik Moe. Skitten snø is a  must  watch for everyone at the moment only on NRK-TV.)