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Ensuring children’s future

THIS is apropos of Waseem Ahmad Shah’s article ‘Future of child-related laws hangs in balance’ (May 30).

Looking at the dismal state of children in most parts of the world, one can easily predict that Convention on Children’s Rights serves as nothing more than a piece of decorated paper, rather than legal documentation.

In 1990, Pakistan was one of the first countries to ratify the convention to ensure children’s access to basic rights. Pakistan was also the first country to forget its duties towards children.

Necessary measures should be taken with regard to protecting the interest of these children. We call upon the state to implement the said rights and also other rights by codifying all children laws in the enactment of a single act and also transferring all criminal and civil provisions in one single piece of legislation with regard to the family and child.

Education and social rights are important issues which need serious consideration. Education should be made compulsory for all. Ideally child labour should not be permitted below the age of 18.


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